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degrassi_bfaw's Journal

Degrassi RP; big fat attention whores
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degrassi_bfaw: a Degrassi Season 6 RP

[this community is now open! ♥]

01. You must be 15 or older to apply. For exceptions, bug a mod.
02. Update once every two weeks, be on AIM regularly. We're not
going to have specific amounts of time. You'll know if you're on enough.
03. Comment on journals. This is easy. You don't have to be nice.
04. Use correct grammar and spelling. Seriously. I mean it.
05. Have an entry up in your journal when you apply. AIM
screennames can be created afterwards, but you will need to get one.
06. OOC drama is ridiculous. Just don't do it. You'll get cut.
07. If for some reason you can't update, let one of the mods know.
08. Where the application says "Did you read the rules"; tell us no.
Then make up an excuse as to why you didn't. The dumber the better.

We are starting directly after Crazy Little Thing Called Love. So,
school is in session. Darco is livin' in sin together. Paige is still at
Banting. Alex is back at Degrassi raising her marks. Darcy has whored
herself out on the internet. Peter is still a skeezy little perv. Mia and
her baby have shown up and torn Jiberty to shreds. Toby is.. doing nothing.
Jimmy and Ashley have discussed his penile difficulties. Ellie and Jesse are
together. Spinner has been told he would make a good lumberjack. Sean knows
Emma slutted it up with Jay in the ravine. Craig is not back from touring
yet. No one is dead. Except for Rick, who is very much so. This will never,
ever change. Feel free to incorporate any of the season's stories into
your character's, but know we are not following the show plot for plot.

This is an AIM based storybook format RPG. This means that although AIM
can be used as a form of communication between characters, it is also the
way that the RPing itself occurs. Rather than using action stars (*walks
across the street*) storybook format is more like writing.. well a story -
in 3rd person, past tense. If you have any questions about this, ask!

You can put a character on hold by leaving a comment in the application post.
Keep in mind, this does NOT mean you will get the character. It just means
we will not pick a person for that character until your application is up.
More than one person can hold a character at a time. Don't argue, it's fair.

Sometimes it will take a few days to process your application. The mods know
it's there. As much as we like talking to you, don't bug us just to tell us
it's up. We're trying to have lives too, so sometimes things take awhile. :)

We are not accepting any original characters. Please don't ask us to.


Recent Graduates/University/Adults
Alex Nunez :: lexiliciousss :: AIM: freakin lexi
Craig Manning :: themanningfiles :: AIM: GuitarGodCM
Dylan Michalchuk :: photoshockeydyl :: AIM: photoshockeydyl
Ellie Nash :: ellieinprogress :: AIM: ellieinprogress
Jay Hogart :: hogartgets_hoez :: AIM: itsjaynotjason
Jesse Stefanovich :: mister_bossman :: IM: jesse edits
Marco DelRossi :: quixotic_marco :: AIM: quixotic marco
Paige Michalchuk :: princesspaigey :: AIM: prettyprincessPM
Nina :: nina_edits :: AI: nina edits

Grade 12
Emma Nelson :: emma_abridged :: AIM: emma has class
JT Yorke :: mascot_boy_jt :: AIM: mascot boy jt
Liberty VanZandt :: xliberty :: AIM: xxliberty
Manny Santos :: cuckoo_bananas :: AIM: xxcuckoobananas
Sean Cameron :: custom_cameron :: AIM: UnbreakableSean
Spinner Mason :: spinnish :: AIM: sir spinn3r

Grade 11
Darcy Edwards :: cheergirldarcy :: AIM: darcy is angelic
Mia Jones :: cheermommia :: AIM: prettygirlmodel
Peter Stone :: stonefilms :: AIM: coming soon!

NOTE: before applying for one of our open characters,
it's a good idea to go check out sup_bfaw. Some open
characters have been "puppeted" by our current members
for plotline purposes, and it's important that you reflect
a basic understanding of what your character has been up
to in your application and your first entry! Thanks! :D

Recent Graduates/University/Adults
Aaron "Sully" Sullivan
Hazel Aden

Grade 12
Ashley Kerwin
Jimmy Brooks
Toby Isaacs

Grade 11
Danny VanZandt
Derek Haig

Characters in italics are being held.

Obviously, we want the main, current characters listed here first. However,
if you've got a thing for playing Chester, Kendra, or good ol' Dean the rapist,
contact a mod. If you're a good RPer, we'll find a way to make space for you.

Got a question? Well, that's what we're here for.
Brittany [Ellie] :: ellieinprogress :: AIM: ellieinprogress
Leah [Spinner] :: spinnish :: AIM: sir spinn3r
Erin [Jay] :: hogartgets_hoez AIM: itsjaynotjason